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Customized car insurance coverage

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Get the best homeowners insurance

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Protect Your Family and Secure Your Legacy

Family – Business – Legacy

Life – Will bring unexpected emergencies and financial concerns

The Anchor – provides strength and stability in the event of a storm


- Income Insurance
- Life / Health Insurance
- Medicare Supplement
- Commercial insurance
- Agriculture Insurance
- Financial Planning

Custom Planning

Providing you and your family with Custom Insurance and Financial Planning Choices

Income Protection

Your income is the foundation upon which we build our lives and create our legacy. Our income provides the first layer to begin building a home or business, then we build wealth as the years go past allowing us to then plan for retirement. Protecting your income while working and especially during retirement is a must.  

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Life and Health

Do you know how to compare plans? What options are available to you to protect yourself from unwanted negative financial outcomes? Make sure your leave a legacy of love for your loved one and your family.  

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Medicare Supplement

This could be the most important health insurance coverage you ever make. Considering retirement, establishing a budget for a fixed Social Security Income and making sure your get 100% of your healthcare needs paid for. Why would you risk getting in the wrong plan? Talk to us, learn about Medicare and understand your choices.

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Commercial Insurance

Congratulations, you are a small business owner. The backbone of this great country. We should have a cup of coffee and some conversation on how to keep your investment safe. If disaster finds a path into your business, make sure that we can recover quickly and get back open.

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Agriculture insurance‎

Farms / Ranches / Vineyards owners, you are the hardest working group of individuals.  You have chosen to care for the land, our food and leave a legacy using your hands and the sweat from your brow. Let us help you insure and secure your family farm to aide in transferring your Family Legacy to the next generation.

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Financial Planning

It is a fast and ever-changing world, taxes, Social Security benefits, bull market / bear market / crashing market…… Spend some time with our licensed and certified financial planner and see how planning first and investing second helps you understand retirement planning. We focus with Tax-Free Retirement and Lifetime incomes. 

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Client Relationships

We make the planning and selection of products simple. You deserve quality service and simple easy to understand products. Your time is valuable, we are honored to offer the luxury of “one stop shop” to serve your needs. We are an independent agency, allowing us to bring the best carriers to you, help explain benefits and guide you to a more confident financial future.   

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Our Benefits

We strive to offer you the protection you will need and have the professional agents to help you understand your benefits.

Income Protection
  • Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Recovery Care
  • Home Health Care
Life and Health Insurance
  • Individual Health / Critical Illness
  • Group Health
  • Whole Life / Term Life
  • Universal Life with Living Benefits
Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Supplement plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
  • Expensive Medication Assistance programs
Commercial Insurance
  • Business Owners
  • General Liability
  • Workmans Comp
  • Home / Auto / Watercraft / Renters (Personal Property)
Agriculture insurance‎
  • Machinery and Crop Insurance
  • Land and Building Coverage
  • Livestock Coverage
  • Equine and Novelty Animals
Financial Planning

Take the opportunity to speak to a licensed insurance agent or an independent financial advisor with whom we work with to get sound advice for your retirement future.